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Shine a light on your practice by creating a profile visible to hundreds of thousands of lien professionals.

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Welcome your existing network of lien professionals to the future of lien referral management.

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Connect and interact with our vast network of professionals providing lien services all across the nation.

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Seamlessly manage every step of the lien process from referrals to disbursement tracking; and everything in between.

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Increase Your Visibility

Doctors earn more per patient through liens than through insurance. Expose your practice to a nationwide network of lawyers, and grow your practice.

Manage The Process

Once you’ve established your network, leverage the platform to store documents, track bills, and communicate with lawyers throughout the process.

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Find Doctors Fast

With a network of doctors on lien at your fingertips it’s never been easier to get your clients immediate treatment.

Centralize Communications

Securely message doctors, send and manage documents, and update your cases while using our HIPAA compliant platform.

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The right of a lawyer to hold a client’s property until the client pays for legal services provided. Generally, a lien is a security interest a creditor uses to ensure payment by a debtor for money owed. Since an attorney is entitled to payment for services performed, the attorney has a claim on a client’s property until compensation is duly on a legal matter.

A medical lien is a medical provider’s ability to place a request for payment on a personal injury claim to recoup any money owed to them for treatment as a result of the specific accident.

Our Lien Network is adding medical and legal professionals every day. We strive to have a doctor listed in your local area close to your home or work. Contact us immediately if you can not find a doctor close to you.

Each provider begins by completing our quick form. We’ll contact each provider to verify their information. Take the first step towards expanding your network.


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