One National Lien Platform to Connect All

The LienNetworks Difference

Unlike traditional services which take a large fee to connect you with physicians on lien or others, LienNetworks democratizes the process. Now, everyone that works on personal injury cases can search, connect with and collaborate on cases in one platform. Everyone is discoverable on the Network. No buffers that slow down the process and take a percentage for making an introduction.

The playing field is leveled. Doctors who want more lien business can search for P.I. Attorneys. Those same Attorneys can seek out others to refer cases to or Lien Financing cases to help a client. Anyone in the network can connect with anyone else to provide a speedy and successful case settlement.

There are no boundaries of who or when you can search and connect with on the network devoted to Liens.

Attorneys Looking for Doctors

Need a Physician experienced working on liens but don’t have that particular specialty in your rolodex?  No problem. You can search by specialty, location and message the physician directly from your dashboard, text, call or email. No limits on searches or connections.

Doctors looking for Attorneys

Are you looking to drive more business for your practice with lien work? Having a profile on LienNetworks automatically makes you searchable by thousands of attorneys in need. Plus, you have the ability to preemptively search and present yourself all while managing everything from your dashboard.

Attorneys looking to Refer cases

Need another attorney to refer a case to? With LienNetworks you have unlimited searches at your convenience and can keep track of case status, referrals, liens and more right from your LienNetworks dashboard. 

Lien Financing Services Companies

Does your client or patient require financial help with legal, medical or maybe transportation? Connect with the right Lien Services company for the case. Keep track of all liens and case stakeholders, set reminder for others, and generate custom reports all within the LienNetworks platform.

Flexibility to satisfy various scenarios

The Lien Network You've Waited For

  • Physicians experienced with personal injury cases
  • Personal Injury and Workmans Comp Attorneys to connect with or refer cases
  • Lien Services Organizations who manage Case, Medical and Transportaion Funding

Tech Meets Liens

No Middleman to slow your search or add costs

  • Self service searchable database of providers
  • In-system communication or SMS and email
  • Notifications and reminder settings
  • Referral and other customizable reports
  • Easy Dashboard to manage open, closed or referred cases
  • Personal Profile searchable by others in the network to passively attract more business

Geo Mapping

US Map with several color-coded indicators as to the distance of PI firm to Chiro, Ortho, Urgent Care, MRI, etc. from the PI location.

Medical Providers

Medical Labs

Imaging Centers


Case Founding

Our Medical Providers

Nationwide Medical Providers with experience working on liens

Screened, Reputable and Experienced in personal injury and Workers comp cases. Specialties include but not limited to:

  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Psychology
  • Cosmetic Surgery 
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostics